Derek Barrett is a true artisan.

A master jeweller with more than 40 years experience, Derek takes raw metal and stones and transforms them into exquisite pieces of jewellery that stand the test of time.

Authentic. Original. Timeless.

Derek works personally with each client at every step in the process to create custom-made, bespoke and personalised jewellery that is designed with integrity and heart.

Made by hand from start to finish.

The use of traditional jewellery-making techniques means that precious metals are hand-rolled, beaten and hardened with precision, creating the finest quality jewellery that is inherently strong and beautiful. 

Sourcing precious gems?

Derek is a broker for diamonds and precious stones. He sources these expertly, according to your individual needs. Contact Derek today to start the search for your perfect gem.

Stock gauge wire.

Every piece of jewellery begins as stock guage wire in a range of precious metals.

Heated to soften metal.

To prepare the metal for rolling, it is softened using a heating process called annealing.

Rolled through rolling mills.

It is then rolled to whatever dimension is required – square, flat or round. 

Hand worked. 

The piece is lovingly and expertly hand crafted into the final shape.

Setting of the stones. 

Stunning stones are set into the piece. 


Finally, the piece is hand polished, ready for the client.

Contact Derek today to find out how you can design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.


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